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珍珠保養 Care your pearls


1. 外出後回到家中,應除下珍珠首飾,避免弄花

2. 洗澡時亦需要除下珍珠首飾,長期用水及淋浴乳沖洗會影響到珍珠光澤

3. 配戴幾次後,發覺沾上身體油份,可用軟乾布或眼鏡布抺走油脂,回復光澤

4. 戴上珍珠首飾後,不要再噴上化學品 (如噴髮膠)或香水,可於化妝後,弄髮型後及噴香水後戴上珍珠)

5. 珍珠使用後放於首飾盒內,避免長期以放進密封膠袋,珍珠會有機會變黃

6. 不要長期收藏,間中需要配戴珍珠,令珍珠呼吸到新鮮空氣

7. 珍珠頸鏈及耳環配戴後可平放,不要掛起,會影響珍珠線及耳針


The price of pearl jewelry can be high or low. If it is properly maintained, it can be worn for a long time and passed on from generation to generation. The following are some tips of pearl maintenance:

1. When returning home after going out, remove pearl jewelry to avoid scratches under low awareness

2. The pearl jewelry needs to be removed when taking a bath or shower. Long washing time with water and shower gel will affect the pearl luster

3. After wearing it for a several times, some human body oil may be stained on pearl surface. Use a soft dry cloth or glasses cloth to remove the oil and restore the luster

4. After putting on pearl jewelry, avoid directly spray chemicals (such as hair spray) or perfume. You can put on pearls after makeup, hairstyle and perfume

5. Put the pearls in a jewelry box after use. Avoid putting them in a sealed plastic bag for a long time, as the pearls may turn yellowish.

6. Don't store it for a long time, wear pearls occasionally, so that the pearls can breathe in fresh air

7. The pearl necklace and earrings can be placed flat after wearing, do not hang, it will affect the durability of pearl thread and earrings setting